Best Practices for Optimal Email Delivery in 2020

Best Practices for Optimal Email Delivery in 2020

Even in 2020, email communication still wins out as one of the top ways to reach customers. However, there’s an unbelievable amount of technology that stands in your way as attempt to deliver a single email into their inbox. Here are the best practices to maximize your email deliverability. 

What is email deliverability? 

Email deliverability is considered the ability to reach the inboxes of their subscribers despite obstacles like spam, bounces, ISPs, bulking, throttling, etc. Marketers are constantly attempting to gauge email deliverability because an email campaign cannot be effective in terms of conversion rate unless it’s actually reaching users. A successful email delivery requires a handful of best practices, which will be explored below. 


This is a common issue that senders run into when they attempt to send a mass email. Thus, if it isn’t handled properly, it’s an obstacle for deliverability because it often results in the email being blocked. To enhance email deliverability, you’ll want to use each of these four types of authentication for your account.

Best Practices for Optimal Email Delivery in 2020


The content of your email can help you avoid the dreaded spam box. You’ll want to work on your email content so that when you actually make it to the inbox of your user, the content boosts your conversion rate. If you’re struggling with where to start, focus on these factors. 

User Engagement

In some ways, user engagement is similar to content because it can dictate whether or not your subscribers send you to their spam. User engagement relies on making your content relevant to whomever you’re sending the email to. After all, who is going to continue to open emails that don’t pertain to their life? One best practice is segmenting your email list so that you can send specific and thoughtful content to a group of people. This will save you time and increase deliverability. 

Sender reputation

Your reputation as a sender is ultimately decided by factors like domain score and IP address. The more data and information the email service providers have to determine your reputation, the better your score will be. Here are a couple of ideas that can help your sender reputation. 

Example of Sender Metric

Following these email deliverability best practices for 2020 can help you get your emails in the folders of the right people. Increase your conversion rate and avoid sending spam to your customers. Quality content is the way to go. 

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