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A few details


John contacted me for a review of his current cold emailing infrastructure, content, and process. He had recently started to experience some spam issues, reducing the effectiveness of his campaigns.

A few numbers


Length of the project




Growth opportunity

Reach out to marketing agencies to work for them

How we solved it


The initial analysis revealed that the three google based domains he was using were landing in spam in multiple ESPs. We decided together that it would be better to get brand new domains and affect them to cold emailing, rather than work on improving the deliverability of his existing domains.

I set up for John 3 domains hosted on AWS, along with 3 mailboxes using Office 365 as a client and SMTP (currently, in 2020, Office 365 has the best inboxing rate).

Our results

The results on his 3 first cold outreach campaigns have been instantaneous. With over 60% of open rate, all of his campaigns were a success and we are still currently running daily outreaches. We are now using AB split tests to develop his content and make sure his channel brings a steady and reliable stream of clients.

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