Case Studies


A few details


MyIni is a San Diego based startup that creates tablets that once placed into a hotel room, allows the guest to interact with the hotel services and amenities right from his room. The ambition is to be able to equip major hotels, as well as chains like Hilton, Hyatt and so on.

A few numbers


Length of the project

6 months



Growth opportunity

Was able to meet with dozens of independent hotel through personal connection invitation on LinkedIn.

How we solved it


Messages Creation

We created a wide variety of small messages each tailored to the size and type of the hotel we would reach out to. We thus had a very relevant message and some great answer rate.

Automation Setup

We used automated software like LinkedIn Helper to be able to reach out to hundreds of prospects a day.

Follow Up

We had a follow-up email campaign that we ran on every contact that would accept our invitation, letting people know how we got their contact and why we were contacting them, as well as some relevant case studies for their hotel.

We created a very small message of fewer than 300 characters that will go along a connection invitation. Indeed, when you send a connection request, you also get the possibility to add a note, and this is where we can communicate a few words about the reason for our contact. We were able to add a responsive field like first name, company or actual position inside the message to reach the highest level of personalization possible.

This type of campaigns has two main benefits:

  1. When your prospect accepts your invitation, you are now able to freely send him a direct message with more details on your offer, and this without paying the additional LinkedIn InMail cost.
  2. Once in the connection circle of your prospect, you will be able to see the email address with whom they have registered on LinkedIn. This allows you to build a list of interested leads (as they’ve already read your note and accepted your invite) and to have their most recent email address to follow up on.

The CEO, Eugene Roytmann was able to meet with several hotels and even met with the Harrah’s South California’s General Manager to discuss the possibility of integrating MyIni in one of the thousands of rooms.

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