Steps to improve deliverability

Poor IP reputation

The overall reputation for the IP address used was poor, although not listed in any blacklist and with a sender’s reputation of 71. The most detrimental item for the sender’s reputation in the past 7 days was hitting a spam trap.

Email Service Providers affected

The ESP the most affected by the spam issue is Outlook, with 100% of emails landing in spam.

Low open rate

The newsletter was experiencing an almost nonexistent open rate, and the transactional emails suffered from it with a decrease in open rate over the last 3 months.

Volume of sending too important

The average daily volume of the client was 3500 emails/day, with a spike on Friday for the newsletter for 150K contacts. This spike in volume was always correlated with a negative spike in the open rate and click rate.

Massive newsletter list

The issue is that the massive newsletter list causes a spike in the daily volume of Teo. This led ESP to believe such traffic was not usual practices and mark these emails are spam/not deliver them.

Our solutions

case study

Database cleaning

Clean the complete list of subscribers to remove any possible invalids or spam traps

Spread the send

The client started sending his newsletter over the course of 7 days instead of on the only day, removing spikes in volume

Newsletter optimization

Optimized the picture of the newsletter to make them lighter, adjusted the text/image ratio