Let’s master the email marketing jargon

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Bounce rate, optin, blacklist, A/B testing…etc so many words that are part of the email marketing jargon and maybe incomprehensible to those who are new to email marketing. However, it is important to know them in order to understand the details of an email campaign and evaluate its results.


Short overview of important words in email marketing jargon

Email validation softwares: they help marketers reduce bounce rates by checking the deliverability of email addresses and ensuring the clean-up of marketing mailing lists. In a nutshell, they help keep the data clean and improve the deliverability of your campaigns and newsletters. You can try Zero Bounce or Mailfloss.

List hygiene: to keep an email list viable, you need to look after it. Removing bounced email addresses, unengaged subscribers and updating email address change requests is essential.

All these terms are to be taken into consideration when embarking on an emailing campaign. At Mailsoar, we accompany many customers every day in their emailing campaign. Creating campaigns and analysing their results are at the heart of our business. Don’t be afraid to call on our expertise.

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