Improve your deliverability
Stop landing into Spam

Email deliverability is a challenge. MailSoar can help you ensure your emails are delivered to the main inbox and not landing into spam.

They rely on us

Together, let's improve your emailing campaigns

If you're sick of your emails landing in spam, it's time to make a change !

We’re the email experts, and we can help you get your messages into the main inbox instead of the spam folder. We’ll optimize your inboxing and help you improve your deliverability so you can stop worrying about your emails getting lost in the ether.


Evaluate your deliverability rate and get complete and precise recommendations.


Customized support for the creation and configuration of your emailing infrastructure.


Alongside your team, our experts will help you quickly optimize your deliverability.


Send your emailing campaigns with peace of mind thanks to a personalized and customized follow-up.

Looking for an experienced team to help you with your email marketing goals?

Look no further than MailSoar! We are a team of experts dedicated to making your email land in the main inbox and increase deliverability. With years of experience in the industry, we can help you achieve your email marketing goals.

We can help you decrease your spam report, and increase your open rate.  Develop now a strategy that works for you, and get more people seeing your messages.

infrastructure setup

68% of emails do not arrive in the destined inbox...

They go to spam or junk mail, but this can be prevented.

Fast and
customized results

We will resolve your deliverability issues
in an average of 6 hours.

ROI 4x higher than the average

We put your message at the heart of the emailing actions to offer you the highest possible ROI.

Average open rate
of 40%

Our experts will boost your delivery and open rates, reducing your campaign abandonment rate.

Take control of your email deliverability

Don’t let your email deliverability suffer because of bad IPs, blacklists, or poor configuration. MailSoar’s experts can help you get the most out of your email system and avoid common deliverability issues. 

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