How to get a positive domain reputation on gmail ?

Best Practices for Optimal Email Delivery in 2020

Gmail maintains your domain reputation based on the Gmail/G-Apps hosted domain users’ actions to your emails only to their system. This means that If you stop sending emails to Gmail contacts then google will not be able to track your domain reputation.

Besides, if you send an email to unknown/non-opt-in/collected contacts then your campaigns will get spam complaints, high unsubscribes, and even spam-trap hits.

Good practices to get a positive reputation on Gmail

Some good practices exist to get a positive reputation on Google:

Make sure you’re sending email to only Opt-in contacts. To do so, it is important to remove all the non-opt-in contacts from your list. You don’t need them !

Segment all your Gmail contacts in separate and don’t email them until this issue gets fixed because if you send an email without resolving the issue, all of your emails will be classified as spams.

Following the domain warm-up procedure can be a good solution. During two weeks (day 1 to day 4), you can send emails to selective/known contacts and make sure they are opening the email. If the email ends up in spam, you can ask them to mark it as not-spam. Results can be checked on Google postmaster tool.

It is also important to focus on content to turn your negative domain reputation to a positive one. Here are a few examples of things you can change in your content:

By following these small recommendations, you should succeed in resolving the domain reputation issue in Gmail.

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