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Improve the design of your emails

Our team of marketing specialists will help you achieve better engagement rates. How can you do this? By improving the design, we can increase the open, click and conversion rates of your emails.


Because a well-thought-out design means a better opening rate!

Our team of marketing specialists will help you achieve a better engagement rate with your emails.

We optimize the open, click-through and conversion rates in your funnel so that your emails marketing work and bring qualified leads to you.

Guarantee the effectiveness of your communication campaigns and increase your conversion rate!

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What can you expect?

We are able to review your current email marketing strategy to recommend improvements and identify issues that can be quickly resolved. 

We can review your content for potential marketing improvements.

We set up A/B testing programs to perfect your content over time and validate your marketing assumptions.

We define the overall strategy and structure of your email marketing flow, with KPIs to be achieved. Tests will be carried out to ensure that you stay on track to benefit from a sustainable email marketing strategy that will bring you regular leads and a good ROI.

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Key success factors

A fast and progressive
learning curve

Once we understand your business, your values and your selling points, our marketing support will be able to provide you with presentation materials and set up meetings with you to get you up to speed in no time.

Relevant and measurable

We obtain and analyze a wealth of information on marketing effectiveness. We leverage all possible data and tools to gain an accurate view of your business and the marketing opportunities available to you.


We adapt to your processes and business practices to stay in regular contact with you, ensuring that you always understand what our team is doing and what we are trying to achieve with your infrastructure.

Your open rate is no higher than 10%?

We can help you improve your emailing campaigns in a few weeks.

Your open rate is no higher than 10%?

We can help you improve your emailing campaigns in a few weeks.


Support to ease the life of your emailers

The configuration of an emailing system is often very complicated for companies. There are a number of points to take into account in order to benefit from an optimal deliverability.

You have invested in sending email campaigns by using an email marketing platform, setting it up in an optimal way.

You send well-defined messages to your customers and prospects, but you would like to be sure that all your emails arrive at their destination, not in spam or promotions tabs. Our experts can help. Through ongoing support and monitoring, we will guide you through the various stages of creating your communications campaigns to ensure they have a positive impact on your readers.


Do you need something else?


Assess your deliverability, get complete and accurate recommendations.


Customized support for the configuration of your emailing infrastructure.


Working alongside your team our experts will help you optimize your deliverability.


Continue sending your emailing campaigns with complete peace of mind.