What is snowshoe spamming and how to avoid being mistaken as one

What is snowshoe spamming and how to avoid being mistaken as one

For those of you who are familiar with email marketing, you know that spam is your worst nightmare.  Recently, Gmail has updated his spam filter algorithm. The number one reason that you can be placed in spam is now your content. 

You've probably already heard of snowshoe spamming?

This is a well-known spamming technique aiming at spreading email volumes over a large number of IP addresses and domains in order to show better metrics and bypass spam filters.

Basic rules to avoid being mistaken as spam

It’s essential to identify what practices and behavior can make you fall into the “snowshoe spammer” category. 

Let me remind you of three basic rules in order to avoid being mistaken as snowshoe spamming.

From the moment you receive a notification telling you that you are considered as a snowshoe spammer, you know that it is time to reduce the number of domains and IP addresses you are using.

If you are thinking that your deliverability issues, make sure to compare your infrastructure and behavior to the definition up there. We can also help audit your infrastructure to give you accurate recommendations. 

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