I already have an Email infrastructure

I have issues with deliverability or spam in my company

Don’t worry, this situation will be temporary, MailSoar can help you fix those different problems quickly.

Whether you’re an experienced email-sender looking to perfect the delivery of your infrastructure or that a big part of your business ROI is tied to email landing at the right place, our team of experts is used to manage the ongoing deliverability of massive senders from all industries. 

Our main goal will be to bring you back to a safe level of deliverability allowing you to resume making business with your email in a safe environment. 

The typical process will start by auditing your entire email’s infrastructure to see where problems are before starting to implement the necessary changes. 

The complete audit process typically takes about a week to be done. In the end, you will get a full rapport of the various troubles we were faced. 

After the audit, we can now, implement the recommendations to your company to help you get your email delivered properly. 

Depending on your initial situation it could take up to 3 months to see the results of all the implementations we made.

  • Step 1: Initial Audit

    We review the key areas potentially causing your spam issue, and put together a list of actions to put in place to solve the problems

  • Step 2: Immediate Recommendations

    We will implement the short term fixes that are able to be executed within days, and will make a quick impact on your KPIs such as authentication & list cleanings

  • Step 3: Ongoing Support

    Bounce events, spike in spam report, blacklisting of your IP / domain, throttling of your traffic by a specific ESP...
    Our team is ready and trained to solve efficiently any situation that could cause a threat to your deliverability.

  • Step 4: Support Packages

    From now on, we can help your company with two different services:

Email Deliverability icon

MailSoar will support your company by tracking and monitoring KPIs from all the important metrics, implementing our highest level of compliance to never lead again in the promotion or spam folder.

Our mission is to make sure you can be focus on your core business and not on delivering email. We will continually measure and improve your infrastructure, review your template to fix the potentials content issues, solve immediate trouble like bounce events, spikes in spam reports, … or even throttle your traffic by specific ESP.

  • Focus on Marketing

    Reach and engage with your customers to convert more leads into your client's funnel.

Email Marketing icon

Work with our email marketing expert team without bothering you without all the hassles process.

MailSoar will dedicate a trained email marketing team to help you improve your conversion and efficiency of your opened emails.
MailSaor will help you tailor a strategy to your project, create starting content and run multiple A/B tests to refine the copy until achieving the best results from your click rate and engagement rate standpoint.

Let's optimize now your email deliverability and increase, with the best solutions, your mailing reputation.

Do you want to grow your business with emailing?

we can do it together