How do we write an interesting and helpful newsletter?

We use newsletters for 4 reasons:

Establish you as an expert.

Define your brand.

Build consumer trust.

In order to do so, we use a mix of informational, helpful, and entertaining resources that we will share via email to your community. We usually recommend no commercial links or any promotion in the content of the email. The helpfulness should be the main promotional vehicle.

In order to select the content that will share, we need to find out:

How do we write an interesting and helpful newsletter?

We will then pull together a selection of articles and online resources. Among these, we collaborate with you to find out which are fitting the best your company brand and message.

We usually pick 3 – 5 different topics to highlight each email, depending on the sending frequency. 

The layout needs to be branded to your company but must also not distract the readers from the real value that your resources will bring them. With this in mind, we keep the design minimalistic – while matching the company’s color code and values.

Some examples

An example of how do we write an interesting and helpful newsletter

MailSoar is here to help you. Our team of experts is used to managing the ongoing deliverability of massive senders from all industries.

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