Deliverability Audit
How does it work?

Thanks to our initial audit, MailSoar’s email deliverability experts and consultants will have a global vision of your infrastructure. We will then help you improve the deliverability of your email campaigns to boost your business! 



to know your needs and objectives.


Collection and analysis of the main elements

of your deliverability



of DNS


Draft of the audit

with our analysis and conclusions.


Application of the recommendations

following your approval.


What exactly does MailSoar do?

Based on our experience and success, we have put in place a methodology that will allow you to achieve an optimal deliverability rate while controlling the most important metrics for your business.

We verify all authentication protocols that are essential to the deliverability of your emails. In order to have an overview of your communication delivery capabilities, we perform a series of tests to get a technical and measurable overview of your deliverability, for example, reputation or sending domain.

This audit also allows our experts to compare your sending behavior and habits with the best practices in email deliverability. We will analyze the content of your email, because inbox placement depends on the content.

Email deliverability Audit


What's in it for you?

After presenting our findings and recommendations in a meeting with your company’s managers, it will be easy for us to set up a series of improvements to increase your deliverability and open rates.

Once the audit is complete, you will receive a document that includes:

Audit advantages

Key success factors

A rigorous
and customized analysis

The conclusions are based on quantifiable data and on the experiences and scenarios we have seen in the past. We are able to make specific and relevant recommendations and turn them into an actionable plan.

A simple language that everyone can understand

Recommendations and auditing are done in a way that can be understood by everyone, regardless of your level of knowledge about email deliverability. We believe that helping you understand what we do, and why, is an integral part of our support.

Experts ready and available to listen to you

We are available throughout the audit phase to answer your questions, either by email or via our exclusive interface. Once the action plan is presented, our experts will assist you with the implementation. If you want to do everything yourself, we have videos and guides to help you.

You want to increase the impact of your email campaigns? 

Contact our team to request an audit and learn how to optimize your deliverability. 

You want to increase the impact of your email campaigns? 

Contact our team to request an audit and learn how to optimize your deliverability. 


A complete analysis

Thanks to our deliverability audit, we have a global vision of your emailing infrastructure on both the purely technical, and marketing, aspects. The objective is to do an in-depth analysis of your sending habits and your email marketing campaigns in order to detect the deliverability problems that you encounter.

Your dedicated consultant will help you understand how to improve your deliverability rate, your sender reputation, etc, and will advise you on the practices to adopt to sustain the deliverability increase of your email campaigns.

Your deliverability audit is :

During the presentation of your audit, your consultant will propose different solutions to help you implement the recommendations.

Our method for email deliverability audit


Do you need something else?

infrastructure setup

Customized support for the creation and configuration of your emailing infrastructure.

Recommendation implementation

Working alongside your team, our experts will help you quickly optimize your deliverability.


Send your emailing campaigns with peace of mind thanks to our personalized and customized follow-up.