Ongoing Support
Follow-up and support

Our tailor-made support and monitoring solution is adapted to all senders who are looking to optimize the tracking and monitoring of the deliverability of their infrastructure to a team of experts. 


Do you want to delegate the tracking and monitoring of your deliverability?

This solution is for you!

We work with senders of all sizes and industries to help them improve the ROI of their email marketing.

We adapt your infrastructure to the latest practices, implementing monitoring mechanisms, indicator tables, and regular updates using exclusive tools.

Discover, with our support, a new standard of quality for the follow-up of your emails.

We have the experience and ability to handle any situation – from connecting to an API to specific templates – to easily complete this project.

ongoing support email deliverability


What can you expect?

Regular monitoring of your infrastructure KPIs

We realize a document of follow-up of your performance to analyze and identify the points of deliverability to be taken into account.

Enhance your template library

We analyze the inbox placement of your entire library, implementing immediate content changes to ensure that your messages arrive in the main inbox for all ESPs (in the main Gmail inbox rather than in other “tabs” for example).

We offer coaching, and management of your emailing project, and will help you and your team learn how to adapt your emailing infrastructure to face the new challenges ahead.

Ongoing support

Our experts are on hand to provide support for all your communication campaigns.

To give you confidence in your future campaigns, we are always here to help you learn how to anticipate deliverability problems, by detecting and understanding performance warning signs.

ongoing support emailing

Key success factors

Regular checks on
your deliverability

To ensure that our work is aligned with your business priorities, we meet with our clients several times a month. You also have access to what we are doing, why, and the results, using our exclusive tools.

Continuous review of
your main server

We review and track the engagement and reputation metrics of your servers to detect potential negative trends and act on them before they become a threat to your emailing capabilities.

A detailed
monthly report

Our analysts assemble indicator tables and customized reports to highlight improvements. Our monthly, easy to understand report, will inform management decisions and actions.

You don’t have the resources to track and improve your deliverability?

Contact our team to ask for tailor-made and ongoing support.

You don’t have the resources to track and improve your deliverability?

Contact our team to ask for tailor-made and ongoing support.


Support to ease the life of your emailers

The configuration of an emailing system is often very complicated for companies. There are a number of points to take into account in order to benefit from an optimal deliverability.

You have invested in sending email campaigns by using an email marketing platform, setting it up in an optimal way.

You send well-defined messages to your customers and prospects, but you would like to be sure that all your emails arrive at their destination, not in spam or promotions tabs. Our experts can help. Through ongoing support and monitoring, we will guide you through the various stages of creating your communications campaigns to ensure they have a positive impact on your readers.

ongoing support emailing


Do you need something else?


Assess your deliverability, get complete and accurate recommendations.


Customized support for the configuration of your emailing infrastructure.


Working alongside your team our experts will help you optimize your deliverability.