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Deliver your emails to the main inbox

Measure, Control & Optimize your inboxing


Reach your entire audience, all the time

Establish reliable communication with your customers

Enhance brand trustworthiness and message impact

Deliver a high, predictable and safe ROI to your organization

A team of experts dedicated to making your email land into the main inbox

We handle email deliverability at your company. Our team is composed of email experts, data analysts & software developers all tasked to develop better strategies and tools to deliver your emails, increase your domain and sender reputation, decrease spam complaints and bounce rate, reliably.

We help all sender sizes, from small targeted sales outreach to international transactional notification systems. We adapt and successfully bring our client’s deliverability back up.

Our clients are

As well as Brick & Mortar businesses, schools, state organizations, NGOs,… Anyone that sends emails and needs them to get to the right inbox, reliably !

Because application messages like password requests, onboarding emails, or notifications are important, we make sure that all your app generated traffic lands into the main inbox of your users.

From notifications like purchase, abandonment carts, to promotional offers and buyings guides, we power your emailing to make sure that you get the very best ROI possible out of your email funnels.

Make sure your audience never misses an update, article or blog that you’ve produced. 

From your fitness live stream notifications to the latest financial news, we ensure that you never lose touch with your subscribers base.

Generating leads via email isn’t born in 2021, but we handle everything from the infrastructure setup, to the regular deliverability consulting & maintenance that you need for your client’s portfolio to be able to expand.

Whether you email on your behalf or client’s behalf, we will make sure to tailor your infrastructure and our offer to ensure great ROI on your campaigns.

Make sure that your order confirmation, memberships, product updates & other ROI generating emails are safely landing in the main inbox of your recipient

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Sami Halabi CEO - Founder

Pierre is one of the most dedicated, diligent, and invested leaders I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Not only is he a fast learner who integrates with the rest of your team like a hand in glove, but he also adopts your vision as his own and executes as if he’s part owner of your business. If you’re looking for someone who takes action proactively, executes meticulously, and exceeds expectations consistently, Pierre is the perfect partner to add to your team!

Eugene Roytmann CEO

Pierre successfully created sales and marketing campaigns and increased our lead generation by 300%. He is the master of CRM templates, sequences and follow-ups. He managed multiple clients and prospects in the US and internationally. He is extremely enthusiastic about what he does and wins customers with his dedication and patience.

I could not recommend MailSoar enough, they are very thorough with their work & their communication is exceptional. they went above & beyond to complete our project over the Christmas period when most companies were closed. We are continuing to work with MailSoar for ongoing support.


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