Stop Landing In Spam

Leave spam issues behind you and get better email deliverability and higher open rates for your emails by landing into main inbox.


Major companies rely on Mailsoar to increase their Email Deliverability

Pierre and his team from Mailsoar have helped our company improve our email deliverability metrics to ensure that we get as many of our emails in our customers inbox as possible.

Our email deliverability experts help marketing teams to

Reach the main Inbox


Because application messages like password requests, onboarding emails, or notifications are important, we make sure that all your app generated traffic lands into the main inbox of your users.

Marketing Agencies

Whether you email on your behalf or client’s behalf, we will make sure to ensure great ROI on your emais marketing campaigns.

Coaches & Trainers

Make sure your audience never misses any notification and news from you and your company. We ensure that you never lose touch with your subscribers base.


From notifications like purchase, abandonment carts, to promotional offers and buyings guides, we power your emailing to make sure that you get the very best ROI possible out of your email funnels.

Market places

Be assured that your order confirmation, product updates & other ROI generating emails are reliably landing into the main inbox of your clients.

Online Advisors

Because you need to provide useful informations and effectively communicate to your audiences, we will ensure all your communication reaches your clients' inboxes.

Measure, Control & Optimize your inboxing



Reach your entire audience, all the time

Establish reliable communication with your customers

Enhance brand trustworthiness and message impact

Deliver a high, predictable and safe ROI to your organization

How MailSoar can help you increase you email deliverability ?

I have email deliverability issues

I already own an email infrastructure but I struggle to deliver my communication because of the deliverability

I need an
email infrastructure

I don’t own email infrastructure and I want to begin emailing campaigns under the most favorable circumstances


A team of experts dedicated to making your email land into the main inbox

We handle email deliverability at your company. Our team is composed of email experts, data analysts & software developers all tasked to develop better strategies and tools to deliver your emails, increase your domain and sender reputation, decrease spam complaints and bounce rate, reliably.

We help all sender sizes, from small targeted sales outreach to international transactional notification systems. We adapt and successfully bring our client’s deliverability back up.

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Of emails landing in main inbox

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Our average open rate

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Revenue increase after optimal deliverability

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Happy consumers

Trustfolio Top 3 most recommended companies in the customer satisfaction

We endeavor to help you reach your leads or clients in no time and keep your email landing into the main inbox!

Our award-winning expert teams will bring you to obtain the best results from your emailing campaigns.