Case Studies


A few details


Gasiline is an online clothes shop featuring art as well and ran by François Samain and his wife. He contacted us to pitch one his personal creation, a metal Christmas tree, to hotels in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

A few numbers


Length of the project

1 month



Growth opportunity

Sold instantly a batch to a hotel group in Belgium, got in touch with more than 10 hotels for a potential future purchase, was able to raise website frequentation.

How we solved it


Content Tailoring

We tailored our emails to male and female contacts separately. This allowed us to personalize our automated emails with Mr. X Mme. X which is a must in the European culture and helped to get answers.

Product Highlights

We highlighted in the body of the email the conception of the tree that was made by François.

Content Linking

We had links to the website as well as some photos that were on a cloud by themselves, in order to avoid sounding “salesy”. We also featured the news TV article made about François and his products.

From a LinkedIn search, we generated a list of contact to email for:

  • Hotel General Managers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Hotel Directors
  • Hotel Decorator

Then, we created a sequence of 4 emails in French to introduce François and his creation, as well as pitching the tree to be in the hotel for the next Christmas.

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