Case Studies


A few details


Santa Barbara Evolution Landscape, a CA-based high-end landscaping company, contacted us to help them start a newsletter from scratch. Jorge, CEO had prior to the project obtained lists of local businesses and homeowners.

A few numbers


Length of the project

6 months


$10K Growth

Growth opportunity

built a list of 3000 subscribers reading 2 issues monthly

Software Used

MailWizz + external SMTP

How we solved it


Database Management

Having a list of email that was good enough to be emailed to. We had to remove any generic emails (info@, hello@,) as well as all the ones that were unused.

Quality Lead Generation

We gave the recipient a clear opportunity to unsubscribe if they are not interested, and we made our intentions clear. Once this was implemented, we had almost no complaints or any spam issue again.

Content Creation

We were able to connect with some readers to know their feelings about the content, and we refined our topics and layouts accordingly.

ongoing support

We started to create the first version of the layout of the newsletter, with 3 articles and one video that Jorge would do for the letter. At times, Jorge would also write a letter to the subscribers. Thorugh A/B testing and comparative analysis of the results, we started to find out what topics were the “hottest” and would generate the most clicks. 

We ran into some trouble, as the quality of the leads brought by the third-party provider was fluctuant, and ended up getting kicked out of our MailChimp account, as well as having our original domain blacklisted.

We were able to recover all the data from our email account, and we switched to a new domain, with a proprietary IP address to control our reputation. We ran spam check on all of the email contacts, started offering an unsubscribe button on top and made sure our emails were as deliverable as possible.

We now have successfully built a fan base of over 3 000 monthly readers, and our issues get around 60% open rate, 60% click rate. We now feature seasonal tips and have readers sending us emails with feedback or questions on a particular topic that we were featuring.

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