Case Studies


A few details


Sami contacted us back in January 2019 as he was growing his e-learning/music streaming company. He already had secured a few artists in the US to stream in his catalog, but he needed to have artists from all over the world. His idea was the following: “make his subscribers learn a foreign language through listening to music originally from this country”. His promise is actually backed up by science that shows that listening to foreign languages through music increase your brain awareness and receptivity to new words. 

A few numbers


Length of the project

9 months



Growth opportunity

Grow the French artist portfolio from 0 to over 100 artists and labels through email campaigns

Software used

Gmass + external SMTP

How we solved it


Database Creation

We created a list of email that was brand new and very accurate. We kept the list very small (less than 100 contacts per campaign).

Relevant Content

We sent an email copy that was appealing to artists looking for recognition, like most of the small artists we contacted. We could stream their music all over the world and help grow their followers.

A/B Testing

A steady A/B test sheet to put together the best subject/intro/… We followed up all the way until we had either a definitive no or an agreement signed with the lead.

Our job was to create a sequence of emails and deliver it to independent artists, labels & record owners, ultimately getting them to let us use their song for free. The process was the following:

  1. Create an ideal profile for the artists and labels that were susceptible to accept our proposition.
  2. Putting together lists of artists’ emails, facebook profiles & other social media websites to be able to reach out on different platforms.
  3. Create a sequence of 5 templates to be sent on different platforms at the same time.
  4. Execute the outreach and follow up with leads until we get them to sign an agreement, send us their track and album cover.
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