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When you design an email campaign, marketing and sales strategies play an essential role. But what does your email look like? What are the technical characteristics that will influence the deliverability of your emails?

Various studies have shown that the type of email content and the design can have an impact and can improve your email deliverability.

Sending emails are still a widely used communication in marketing. They contribute to the growth of companies by allowing them to reach more customers and build loyalty. But, if your campaign is poorly designed, your deliverability rate could be low. Emails must respect certain rules in terms of content that we will see.

Optimizing Image/Text Ratio

Images are worth a thousand words, but relying solely on them for your email campaigns could be a recipe for disaster. Not only do some email clients automatically block image downloads, leaving your recipients in the dark about your message, but using images exclusively could also trigger spam filters and send your emails to the dreaded spam folder.

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, the design needs to be optimized for a variety of devices, from desktops to smartphones. An image that looks great on a computer screen may not be as effective on a mobile device, hindering the delivery and readability of your message.

What is the optimal image/text ratio for email deliverability?

Email professionals and experts recommend maintaining a balance between text and images. This ensures maximum deliverability and engagement. The recommended maximum ratio of images to text is 40:60.

Additionally, since not all email clients automatically display images, it’s important to note that images should be purely decorative and not contain text. This is to ensure that no essential information will be lost in case the images are not displayed.

You can optimize your design for deliverability and ensure that your message is effectively delivered to your audience by following these guidelines.

Improve your email content: Include Unsubscribe Links

Despite what many people think, it is not a bad idea to include unsubscribe links in your mail. As a matter of fact, it can help to improve the deliverability of your campaigns. If your recipients do not have an easy way to unsubscribe, they may resort to reporting your email as spam, which can have a negative impact on your deliverability.

Especially since the implementation of GDPR regulations, providing clear and accessible unsubscribe options in your email campaigns is essential. These regulations require an unsubscribe option to be provided to recipients of all marketing emails. This will demonstrate your commitment to respect your subscribers’ preferences and reduce the risk of getting marked as spam.

Avoiding Attachments in your email

Sending email attachments can be a risky move that can cause your email to be flagged as spam by sending providers. They may be suspicious of messages with attachments that are sent to multiple users. As a result, your emails may be blocked or flagged as spam, which can have a negative impact on your reputation as a sender and your email deliverability score.

In addition, many systems, including Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo, have weight limits for received emails. Your attachment may exceed these limits, causing your communication to be blocked by these providers.

To avoid these problems, it’s best to include links instead of attachments. This will not only reduce the risk of your email being marked as spam. It will also allow you to track downloads using analytics tools. You can ensure that your emails reach your audience without raising alarms by providing a safe and trackable alternative to attachments.

Optimize the content of your email: the HTLM code

For optimal deliverability, the best approach is to do the coding of your email yourself. Agencies like MailSoar can help you optimize your email’s HTML code. Our experts are trained to code all types of emails according to current standards.

If you want to optimize the content of your emails for good deliverability, here are a few tips to keep in mind

Improve email deliverability: Avoid Spam Words

There are several words or phrases that are commonly associated with spam email. These words have been used in marketing emails for a long time and can trigger spam detection algorithms. It’s important to avoid these spam words to prevent your campaigns from ending up in the spam folder, which can improve your deliverability rate.

Gambling terms, calls to action, words associated with pornography and exaggerated formulas are some of the most common spam words.


In summary, following these best practices can improve the deliverability of your email campaigns. By maintaining a balance between text and images, providing clear unsubscribe options, avoiding attachments, optimizing HTML code, and avoiding spam words, you can increase the chances that your emails will reach the recipient’s inbox instead of being marked as spam and maintain a good email deliverability.

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