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How MailSoar helped a company in the adult industry to greatly increase their open rate?

Teo is the owner and CEO of multiple adult websites and contacted me because he was experiencing very low open rates on his newsletter (less than 3% open and click rate).

A few numbers


Type of emails

Transactional & Marketing


$ 1,5K

Growth opportunity

By reaching more inbox with his promotional emails, Teo is able to generate higher interest in his new content.

A few details


The members of the company did not know what caused the spam issue or when it happened exactly. Their transactional emails & promotional emails are on the same IP & domain and were also affected by the poor delivery.

In order to improve Teo’s deliverability, we followed a 3 step process:

  1. Analyze
  2. Take action to improve deliverability
  3. Conclude and establish best practices.

Step 1: Analysis of the deliverability situation

The first part of the analysis consisted of understanding what was the current IP reputation and which ESP was affected by the spam issue. I generated a list of ESP with the delivery of the  IP and which mailbox the emails were delivered to, such as:

This led us to exactly identify which mailbox was affected the most by the spam issue. Along with this, I ran a list analysis to make sure there were no invalid subscribers. The list was overall clean but we had to remove over 4% of the contacts. A list validation looks like this (not the actual client’s list for confidentiality 

Adult industry case studies 3
Adult industry case studies 5

I also ran a content analysis on the most sent transactional email and the newsletter template to optimize them for deliverability:

Adult industry case studies 2

The last part of the analysis was a historical data analysis of the previous 3 months of emails sent. This allowed me to pull together graphics and pinpoint exactly where the spike of deliverability has appeared. After understanding when I found out which campaign exactly would cause the spam issue. The data analysis looked like this:

The full deliverability analysis was given back to Teo about a week after the beginning of the project, in a compiled 4-page report with the actionable steps to take to improve delivery, following the results of the analysis.

Adult industry case studies 1

Step 2: Steps to improve deliverability

The analysis results were the following:

  • The overall reputation for the IP address used was poor, although not listed in any blacklist and with a sender’s reputation of 71. The most detrimental item for the sender’s reputation in the past 7 days was hitting a spam trap.

  • The ESP the most affected by the spam issue is Outlook, with 100% of emails landing in spam.

  • The newsletter was experiencing an almost nonexistent open rate, and the transactional emails suffered from it with a decrease in open rate over the last 3 months.

  • The average daily volume of the client was 3500 emails/day, with a spike on Friday for the newsletter for 150K contacts. This spike in volume was always correlated with a negative spike in the open rate and click rate.

  • The issue is that the massive newsletter list causes a spike in the daily volume of Teo. This led ESP to believe such traffic was not usual practices and mark these emails are spam/not deliver them.

How to fix thoses issues?

  • Clean the complete list of subscribers to remove any possible invalids or spam traps.

  • The client started sending his newsletter over the course of 7 days instead of on the only day, removing spikes in volume.

  • Optimized the picture of the newsletter to make them lighter, adjusted the text/image ratio.

Step 3: Conclude & Establish best practices

Deliverability improvement is measured over time, and getting an optimal delivery can take weeks, sometimes months even with the best practices.

The delay is depending mostly on how many emails you have previously sent in spam. For Teo, after 2 weeks of sending the newsletter over 7 days and not in one day, his open rates for the newsletter have doubled.

We have also put in place a monthly deliverability check-up, to identify any issues before they start being threatening.

Every 3 months, a full list of cleaning is performed to keep the bounce rate as little as possible.

Key Sucess Factor

  • The analysis was able to answer the why, when and where did the spam issue happen.

  • We have identified different courses of action and decided to try to keep the newsletter and transactional emails at the same place. This save cost on another IP address, as well as the setup.

  • We took action on a different item of the delivery - not only the content, but also the settings allowing the deliverability improvement to be as quick as possible.

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