Case Studies


How MailSoar helped, a french marketplace to increase by more than 30% open rate? is a France-based marketplace and a startup.

They sell to construction professionals unsold inventory from other construction companies with a discount and help reduce material costs and waste.

They deliver emails for transactional and marketing purposes to their opt-in contact list on SendInBlue.


A few numbers


Type of emails

Transactional & Marketing
Opt-in list


$ 1 K / month

Monthly Volume

< 100 K / month

Growth opportunity

Open rates on major ESP have more than tripled, so did the revenues.

Software use

Sending Blue

A few details


Because of the lack of best practices and compliance from their team, the open rates were overall very low, and they would experience frequent blocks and spam placement. 

What are the problems


We initially did a deliverability audit to create a list of recommendations to implement.

Among these recommendations the most important were:

  1. Securing the signup form to avoid invalid email addresses and wrong typos, reducing the bounce rate as well.
  2. Cleaning the existing lists on the interface.
  3. We had to work on authentications and envelope / friendly from alignment. We also create a new subdomain to send emails and receive emails that will perfectly pass a DMARC test.
  4. We isolated the 30 days openers and sent marketing communications to them only for a month to raise the reputation of the domain & IP address, damaged by the lack of best practices. We then widened the segment to 60 then 90 days openers

Proposed Solutions

  • Implement on all signup forms, clean the existing lists & only use “valids” (reject catch alls to avoid any risk of residual hard bounces)

  • Implement dynamic segmentation of the geographic lists to target previous openers and raise the engagement rates artificially for a few weeks.

  • Daily seed list testing to monitor inboxing progress

  • DMARC monitoring to make sure that the authentication & alignment are correct

  • We reached out to the MSFT & Google deliverability team to inform them of the best practices that we established and ask them to remove them off blacklists.

  • We delisted the dedicated IP from any third party blacklist.


The Results

  • We have been able to recover full inboxing capabilities on every major ESP that the company was sending to. We overcame the Gmail block and now have frequently 30%+ open rates on this particular ESP.

  • We are now in the process of opening the segment to 90 days openers +, while controlling the overall open rate %. We are providing ongoing support:
    ● Tracking key KPIs with alerts in case any drop below a certain threshold. We have their IP and domain reputation on daily monitoring, as well as daily seed list testing on all major ESP.
    ● We provide ongoing assistance to optimize their new templates & maintain the level of compliance in best practices within the team.
    ● We are available when an outage or issue arises to troubleshoot it and fix it within hours.

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