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How MailSoar helped CitizenShipper to not landing in spam and increase their open rate?

CitizenShipper is a Texas-based startup how is sending massive amounts of emails that get low open rates. 

CitizenShipper needed expert consulting to assess why they landed in spam and how to make sure we can achieve and maintain optimal deliverability. 

A few numbers

Project Scope

Type of emails

Transactional & Marketing


$ 2K / month

Growth opportunity

Make sure that they achieve and maintain optimal email deliverability for their transactional email infrastructure

Software use

SendGrid, SendWtihUs, MixPanel

A few details

Project Description

CitizenShipper is a Texas-based startup specialized in shipping goods and pets through regular citizens in the US driving around. They are sending massive amounts of emails (over 5M/months) including shipment notifications that get low open rates. 

98% of the traffic is transactional and triggered by two template libraries. The main issues they had were the low open rates of their onboarding and most important transactional emails due to the fact that they were landing mostly in spam.

CitizenShipper needed expert consulting to assess why they landed in spam and how to make sure we can achieve and maintain optimal deliverability. 

What are the problems


CitizenShipper uses SendGrid & MixPanel to send emails. Their emails are triggered via API calls in the template library and then get sent to their recipients.

The project started with an initial audit to assess their overall issues and put in place an improvement plan as quickly as possible.

We then maintained continuous support since now almost a year to make sure we maintain the optimal delivery achieved.

One of their IP volume change vs IP reputation change

Proposed Solutions

We did an initial audit that revealed:

  • Authentication issues

  • Lack of engagement on some transactional templates (shipment notifications)

  • No verification of the validity of the email of the new signups leading to a high hard bounce rate.

  • Infrastructure improvements possibilities (they were sending from multiple domains on multiple IPs without proper rDns setting).

  • Discrepancies in the inboxing from one template to another (some landing in the main inbox, some in spam, other in the “promotion” tab)


We fixed the immediate authentication issues and were able to manage the deliverability and the execution of the improvements over time. We then implemented over the following month:

  1. Live API filtering any invalid or typo mistake from the email signup form. This removed the invalid emails off the backend and helped improve the reputation of the sending domain and IP.
  2. We did a per template performance and placement analysis and we ranked templates from “most deliverable” to less and we were able to modify the content of each problematic email to make sure the entire template library is inboxing correctly (specifically on Gmail, where your content can easily drive you into Promotion)
  3. We implemented an updated infrastructure mapping that was taking into consideration the latest 2020 guidelines on deliverability best practices such as
    1. Explicit subdomains & sender names: spam filter rewards transparency in communication.
    2. A minimal amount of IP/Domain sending possible with a clear segmentation for each IP/domain.
  4. We also implemented performance tracking tools and an alerts mechanism to make sure we are always on top of any event that could affect deliverability. We work in the long run with their product and marketing team to ensure:
    1. Good deliverability is maintained.
    2. To deliver insights on the email performances to the related teams
    3. To be there to assist with the new projects, new email channels, or templates created and make sure all of the new initiatives are benefitting from expert advice from a deliverability standpoint.

Our recommendations

  • Determine and discuss specific strategies for accomplishing the proposed solution.

  • If applicable, recommend further action to resolve some of the issues

  • What should be done and who should do it?

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