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How did MailSoar experts manage to increase click-through rates for affiliate emails by over 165%?

ClickTrix is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses develop their digital strategy through customized solutions and software.

As part of their business, the company sends daily mailings and their subscribers receive affiliate email campaigns featuring online job opportunities. All email addresses are subject to a Double Opt In protocol. ClickTrix’ contact lists are growing by approximately 5,000 new contacts daily.

The company decided to contact our deliverability experts when they realized they were having major problems with their various email campaigns. Their click-through rate was more than 5 times lower than the market average and some customers were complaining about receiving communications directly in spam.

Project Scope

Type of emails

Affiliate email


Between 2 and 4k$/month

Monthly volume

12 to 15 Million emails per month

Software use

Mailwizz + Green Arrow. Aweber, Get Response

Length of the project

Ongoing since December 2020

Growth opportunity

Clicktrix had an open rate close to 5% with an average of 2,000 to 3,000 clicks per day. Currently, since we worked on the deliverability of their emails, the open rate is between 20-25%, with over 8,000 daily clicks.

Project Description

As part of our job for Clicktrix, we worked on several projects.

  • The first important point was to solve the spam problem. Indeed, many email recipients used to find the company's emails in the spam tab.

Once the deliverability audit as well as the immediate related recommendations were implemented, we kept on working on the different campaigns.

  • One of the main objectives was to monitor their infrastructure and ensure that all emails were delivered to the main inbox on Gmail. The emails are sent through 4 domains configured on 3 sending platforms: Mailwhiz, Aweber and Get response.

  • The reputation of Google Postmaster domains continuously varies from high to medium. We make sure that this reputation is as high as possible so that the company's email communications are delivered to their customers.

The background and the challenge

As we mentioned, we started by performing a complete deliverability audit of the various infrastructures when the company requested our services. This step, which is essential, allows us to understand precisely the issues and to implement the action plan as soon as possible.
During the audit, we noticed that until September 2020, Clicktrix had fairly good click-through rates and opening rates of around 5,000 clicks per day.
However, since then, the open Rate and click rate had dropped significantly. The company reached less than 5% of opening rate and less than 3 000 daily clicks.
As a reminder, the company sends daily emails with job offers to be filled at home. The opening and click rates are therefore generally higher than these.

Recommended solutions from our MailSoar experts

To fix the deliverability and spam issues, the MailSoar experts in charge of the project decided to suspend the domains that had a bad reputation within Google. The domains had been analyzed during the initial audit.
Once the domains were identified and handled upstream, the domains were moved to a shared IP address pool. This was done at Green Arrow, which had a very good reputation for project-specific IP addresses.

As we had changed the IP address of some addresses, it was important to warm up these new addresses. Indeed, when switching platforms, the sender score is considered as being neutral because no email has been sent from this new account.
This stage is very important for the email deliverability and allows ISPs to avoid identifying the messages as spam. The goal was to solve the spam problem by creating a new high sender reputation for this company.
To ease and improve the deliverability of email communications we also decided to use new sending platforms for these IP addresses (Aweber and Get Response) that matched ClickTrix’s needs and objectives

advanced setup

Our Results

  • Thanks to our various actions with ClickTrix, the mailSoar experts have enabled the company to deliver their messages in a healthier and more sustainable way and to increase their deliverability rate. The emails no longer arrive in spam (the anti-spam filter is no longer active) and the opening rate has increased by 400%, from less than 5% to a daily average of between 20 and 25%. (data measured before the update of the Apple Privacy Policy)

  • The click-through rate has also increased by more than 165% from 3,000 in January 2021 to 8,000 in January 2022.

Our self-hosted email platform was experiencing bad deliverability issues, to the point where our open rates and clicks were 5-6x lower than normal and we were landing in spam for Gmail and other important email providers.

The MailSoar team worked with us for several months through some very challenging issues. There was not a quick fix for our problems, but Pierre never gave up on us, he promised to stick working with us until he got us back in the inbox, and he delivered on that promise. Pierre has a talented and growing team at MailSoar and they are a pleasure to work with. He is also a man of great integrity and a cool guy. Highly recommend working with them if you have email deliverability issues.

Ben Palmer


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