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How MailSoar helped Motion Traxx to recover email deliverability and increase their open rate?

MotionTraxx is a fitness app that was launched in 2014. 

When his founder contacted us, he had a wide list of over 50.000 contacts sitting on a Sendy interface. The open rates of the segment were about 2-3% on most campaigns, totaling less than 1500 unique open per issue.

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The problem of Motion Traxx was to be able to transfer all of the contacts into software that would allow the founder to have the flexibility of sending at his own pace, not every day, but have reliable deliverability.

We tested a few software and found that for his use, Active Campaign seemed to provide the best interface, both for the ease of use and the deliverability of the shared IP pool.

Motion Traxx Case studies 1
The latest campaigns that Deekron sent from Sendy and their statistics.

Proposed Solutions

  • We provided Deekron with a daily warmup schedule, we also used some proprietary bots to pre-warm the IP+domain couple on Active Campaign.

  • In the meantime we refined the content that he was sending on a daily basis, by refining its header and footer to remove the content negatively impacting the reputation.

  • We have established tracking tools to ensure a high reactivity in case of KPIs in downtrend:
    ● We are tracking the deliverability on a daily basis.
    ● We have a GlockApp test running every 3 day to ensure overall inboxing and deliverability
    ● We have a SendForensic tracker to help track content issues and follow the evolution of the IP & domain reputation.

  • The open rates of the latest campaigns, after the transfer was completed allowed Deekron to more than triple the amount of Unique Opens.

Motion Traxx Case studies 2

Our Recommendations

  • The transfer was successful because we worked carefully on the warm up plan and making sure that we kept our daily increases within the tolerance of the IP reputation.

  • Deekron was able to maintain daily email during weekdays to ensure that we would create some positive sending history over time. We maintained the open rate all through the warmup north of 15% unique open rate, allowing us to proceed with enough contacts but keep the reputation high.

  • The re-engagement campaign geared towards the contacts on Sendy that didn’t receive an email in years due to the spam issue is getting over 28% unique open rate, allowing Deekron to capture almost 1 contact out of 3 that never engaged with his content. His newsletter sending size went from 45K to 27K per day, BUT the unique open went to an average of 1000/campaign to over 3000/campaigns.

Motion Traxx Case studies 3
Very last campaigns performances. As we see the unique open is over 3.5K.

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