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Peekaboo School

How Peekaboo School of English used MailSoar to improve deliverability

Peekaboo School of English, Spain, is a special school dedicated to teaching English to people of all ages. English remains one of the most spoken languages around the world. Therefore, Peekaboo is on a mission to help people not only learn but enjoy their classes. To Peekaboo, outstanding performance is only guaranteed in a fun and friendly educational environment.

A few numbers

Project Scope

Type of emails

Transactional & Marketing


$ 1K

Growth opportunity

Asya wanted to improve email deliverability, so she can get back to having flawless interactions with her clients and staff.

Software use

Analysis done with GlockApp & Various software

A few details

Project Description

Asya Kolosova, the CEO of the Peekaboo School of English, was frustrated by how her clients and teachers were not receiving her emails. According to Asya, the emails either ended up in the spam box or didn’t even deliver. Asya needs to communicate daily with her clients and teachers. This challenge was stopping Asya from maintaining a positive, transparent, and seamless communication with her clients.

What are the problems


When Asya contacted me, my first thought was to assess and discover whether she was following the best email practices.

I quickly found that Asya wasn’t following any bad email practices. However, after testing her IP, I discovered that she had hit over 50 spam traps in the last seven days.

She uses a shared IP plan, which I discovered had been used by Russian senders for bulk emailing, which may have been marked by most recipients as spam. Because they both share the same IP, Asya’s IP reputation suffered as well.

Proposed Solutions

Asya’s former shared IP package was a SiteGround email hosting package. 

So, we considered her budget and needs. Then I moved her email hosting from the shared plan to a Gsuite email server. Now she uses a Gmail IP address (209X…).,


The Results

By moving to Gsuite, Asya now enjoys greater email deliverability, which increased from 60% to 87%.

With no problems with her email deliverability, Asya’s emails no longer land in the spam box or elsewhere.

She is back to having excellent email conversations with her staff and teachers.

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