Case Studies


A few details



Tickets Over America, a US company based in Texas, was developing software for Athletic Directors at High Schools to allow them to replace paper tickets with electronic QR codes tickets.

A few numbers


Length of the project

9 months



Estimated Opportunity ROI

$180K-$350k Annual Recurring Revenues

How we solved it


Quality Lead Generation

The quality of the email contact was very good. This allowed us to keep our domain in good health and have all of our emails delivered.

Content Testing

We tested the content and based ourselves on tangible statistics of email success to built the most efficient content we could.

Profile Bulding

Through research, we were able to profile the needs of the target population and focus our emails on a few key selling points.

The key selling points were:

  1. Allowing them to streamline the gates and eliminate lines.
  2. Allowing pre-sales of tickets online from the school website.
  3. Instantly be able to visualize live reports and have access to the detailed end of the game statistics.

We created a series of 5 emails, called a sequence, each of the emails highlighting one of the key selling points.

When designing the email, we used the “KISS” method (Keep it Stupid, Simple) and kept the copy as simple as possible, for readability and deliverability reasons. 

Through thorough A/B testing for several months, we were able to get a sequence of emails performing regularly over 60% of open rate, and 30% of answers.

The email contacts were obtained through searches on high school by a third-party provider. We handpicked emails to avoid any delivery issue and kept our list geographically targeted, with only professional emails to an actual person (

For 9 months, we were able to deliver emails to 8000 Athletics Directors in the US. Once our sequence was performing well, we decided to start reaching out to US state federation like OHSAA.

The company founder & CEO was not only able to meet over 30 athletics directors (contract would average fro, $15k/year to $100k depending on the size of the High School) but also to have the opportunity to meet and speak with multiple state federation, for eventual electronic ticketing during state seasons.


Athletics Directors Targeted

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Open Rate

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