Case Study
Paint Your Life

How the MailSoar team were able to increase the sales of an online business over 30% by improving their email deliverability?

Paint your life email deliverability

Founded in 2006, Paint Your Life offers to turn any photo into a piece of art hand-painted by international artists.

The company uses email to communicate with their customers, whether to inform them about the progress of their orders or to promote their goods and services through email marketing campaigns.

After several months trying to solve, by themselves, various issues with their email campaigns (low open rate, almost no clicks, etc.) without success, they contacted us to help them stop these deliverability problems.

Project Scope

Type of emails

Transactional & Marketing
Opt-in list


About 3K $ per month

Monthly volume

10 to 12 Million emails per month

Software use

Zaius ( Zaius uses Send Grid at the backend to deliver emails)

Length of the project

Ongoing since January 2021

Growth opportunity

Paint Your Life's email marketing campaigns used to have an open rate of roughly 13% and a click-through rate of 0.3% in January 2021.
Since we've been working with them, the open rates have been around 30% and the click-through rate is 1%.

Project Description

The project assigned to us by Paint Your Life can be split into 3 main areas :

  • The first task was to solve the deliverability problems encountered by the company until then when sending email campaigns.

Once the infrastructure had been audited and the recommendations implemented, we were charged with two other tasks:

  • Make sure that all emails reach the main inbox. This request concerns both email marketing campaigns and transactional emails.

  • In addition, in order to guarantee a good open rate and a high return on investment, every day we monitor the marketing campaigns being launched in order to detect any problems that could appear and negatively impact the company's KPIs.

The background and the challenge

When we started auditing Paint Your Life, we noticed their open rate was initially quite low, around an average of 13%. This rate may seem interesting, but in this case it was not since it combined the open rate of marketing emails with the open rate of transactional emails. A good open rate is usually around 20%, but transactional emails tend to have a higher open rate because they involve purchase information, for example.

We also realized that transactional emails related to orders were sent directly through their GSuite accounts on Google. However, the GSuite platform only enables 500 emails per day to be sent. This was an issue because this number was being surpassed on a daily basis and many customers were not receiving the emails related to their orders.

These problems had a significant impact on the company’s ROI, which was not reaching its goal.

Recommended solutions from our MailSoar experts

Regarding the marketing campaigns, the domain name’s reputation as well as their IP address was quite high (which is a good sign). Unfortunately, they did not generate a good open rate. As a reminder, it was around 10% on Gmail while almost 80% of the contact list was on Gmail. We therefore tested and analyzed the content of these emails which were not conclusive because no major problem was founded .

After performing several other tests, we realized that the sender’s email address ( had been reported by Gmail. This was causing all the emails to land in the promotion tab and blend in with the mass of daily emails consumers receive.

To solve this problem, we recommended to use a new email address specifically dedicated to sending these communications. After several series of tests, our experts suggested using:

For their transactional emails, it was essential to set up a new environment for these communications. After a detailed audit of the company’s needs and working methods, we proposed to set up a new SMTP system with Postmark.

Our Results

  • By implementing the new marketing email address (, the company saw the email open rate of marketing communications go from 13% to over 30%!
    Email now reaching the main inbox has also led to a higher return on investment with a conversion rate increasing by over 30%.

  • With Postmark being used for transactional emails, Google's restriction of 500 daily emails has been lifted. Customers now receive all the order details and the open rate of those emails is now up to 80%.

We’ve recruited MailSoar after struggling with bad open rates for a very long time, and the account management of Zaius (the platform we use for sending emails) could not solve it. MailSoar managed to help us go from 10% to almost 30% open rate! and now we are able to send over 1M emails per week (about 5 times more than what we used to)
Our total sales grew about 30% and the main reason is the email marketing! We used to have only 10% return customers and now we have 30%. This was definitely a game changer for us.

Assaf Kostiner

CEO, Paint Your Life

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