Recommended Implementation
Emailing infrastructure setup

Whether you are looking to contact your current customers or to find new ones, we can help your company. We will set up your emailing infrastructure to match your objectives, confident that all your current and future projects will achieve the best deliverability.


Define your objectives

your needs and your business expectations


Map your infrastructure

and flow, of subscribers and customers


Configure your software

for optimal email deliverability


Setting up long-term

if needed


What exactly does MailSoar do?

During the initial consultation, we identify all key elements to maximize your deliverability. Your objectives, needs, business application, and expectations will be analyzed to determine the best solution to send your emails. We will help you map your subscriber flow, your software needs, and how the different elements interact with each other.

We have the experience and ability to handle any situation – from connecting to an API to specific templates – to easily complete this project.

infrastructure setup


What's in it for you?

We offer you tailor-made support for the configuration of your emailing infrastructure to give your campaigns optimal deliverability.

Our working method is organized around three key points:

growth Objectives

Key success factors

An optimized level
of deliverability

A system adapted to your
type of emailing

An infrastructure included and connected to the rest of your company

Are you looking to create your emailing infrastructure reliably and benefit from a turnkey solution?

Contact our team for expert advice

Are you looking to create your emailing infrastructure reliably and benefit from a turnkey solution? 

Contact our team for expert advice.


A personalized and optimal configuration

The configuration of an emailing system is often very complicated for companies. There are a number of points to take into account in order to benefit from an optimal deliverability.

The emailing infrastructure of a company is an essential tool for communication and development. Sending newsletters, email marketing campaigns or communication by email is a very powerful way to reach a maximum of prospects and customers in a few clicks. It is not always easy to configure an emailing system and to benefit from an optimal deliverability. To help companies get the most efficient emailing infrastructure, discover our turnkey solution.

infrastructure set-up


Do you need something else?


Assess your deliverability, get complete and accurate recommendations.

Recommendation implementation

Alongside your team our experts will help you to quickly optimize your deliverability.


Send your emailing campaigns with peace of mind thanks to a personalized and customized follow-up.