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How MailSoar team helped a real estate promoter to solve their spam issues?

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Since 2004, Select Property Group has been an expert in real estate investment and development in the UK. With offices in England, Dubai and Hong Kong, Select Property offers investors around the world the opportunity to invest in UK property.

In order to communicate with their partners and investors, the company uses email marketing campaigns as well as transactional email campaigns.

When they realized their deliverability rate and email domain reputation had suffered from serious issues, they called the experts at MailSoar to help them fix these problems quickly and sustainably.

Project Scope

Type of emails

Transactional & Marketing
Opt-in list


Between 1k and 2k$ per month

Monthly volume

Around 300,000 emails per month

Software use


Length of the project

Ongoing since January 2020

Growth opportunity

When Select Property reached us, the bounce and open rates they were obtaining were quite low. In fact, the bounce rate was over 18% and the open rate around 6%.
Lately, although the company sends over twice as often as in 2020, the bounce rate has dropped by almost 100% from 18% to an average of 0.4% with a 600% increase in the open rate.

Project Description

The project assigned to us from Select Property could be split into several areas.

  • First of all, we performed an audit of their emailing structure in order to understand precisely what problems the company was facing.

During this review, we analyzed their marketing habits, their contact lists and the reputation they had with the main ISPs.

  • This enabled us to set up a customized roadmap to help them solve the deliverability problems they had with their email campaigns.

  • Once the recommended actions were completed, we were charged with ongoing support to implement a successful sending strategy.

The background and the challenge

When we first started our audit, we realized that our client had a low monthly sending volume and a very irregular cadence.
In addition, there were also some problems with the various mailing lists. Indeed, some email addresses were incorrect and the lists had not been cleaned.
These issues had a significant impact on the reputation of the ISPs because inactive or invalid emails increase the bounce rate of emails. For the record, the bounce rate is the number of emails that could not be delivered, whether temporarily (soft bounce) or permanently (hard bounce).

In addition, some domains had been blacklisted by email providers. This is quite problematic as it was affecting the company’s ability to deliver emails to their customers as they were considered as spam.

Recommended solutions from our MailSoar experts

We decided to start by focusing on cleaning up the databases. Indeed, even if the number of email addresses dropped, this allowed us to better classify the emails and improve the reputation of the sending domains.
Once these changes had been made in collaboration with the company, we implemented an email automation strategy. This new strategy integrated more contact metrics and allowed different messages based on whether or not customers were engaged.
More scheduling was also implemented to encourage re-engagement with different email templates. This is part of the email automation strategy that was created specifically for this company.


advanced setup

Our Results

  • All the actions that have been implemented to Select Property allowed first of all to re-establish a good sending reputation with the major email providers such as Gmail or Microsoft. In fact, no domain is still blacklisted by email providers.

  • Moreover, after adjusting some parameters and carrying out the required certifications, the email communication campaigns we send are now exclusively placed in the main inbox within Microsoft.

  • These changes have resulted, as we have seen, in a significant improvement in the opening rate of these communications, which now exceeds 40% per campaign.

We reached out to MailSoar for support after taking a massive hit to our email reputation. The team was on it so quick, guided us through best practice, and built our reputation back up in a matter of just a few weeks. Their ongoing support and dedication is unmatchable!

We’ve learnt a lot to develop our email marketing strategy and dealing with our database. Their guidance shaped our approach to make more calculated decisions on building our campaigns which in turn has led to a much higher engagement rate.

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