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Paint Your Life

How the MailSoar team were able to increase the sales of an online business over 30% by improving their email deliverability?

Marketing & Transactional emails


How did MailSoar experts manage to increase click-through rates for affiliate emails by over 165%?

Affiliate Emails

Select Property

How MailSoar team helped a real estate promoter to solve their spam issues?

Transactional & Marketing emails


How we help CitizenShipper to achieve and maintain optimal transactional email deliverability

Transactional emails

Adult Industry

How MailSoar helped a company in the adult industry to greatly increase their open rate?

Marketing & Transactional

Growth Labs

How MailSoar helped GrowthLabs to recover email deliverability and increase their open rate?

Marketing & Transactional emails

How MailSoar helped, a french marketplace to increase by more than 30% open rate?

Marketing & Transactional emails

Motion Traxx

How MailSoar helped GrowthLab to recover email deliverability and increase their open rate?

Mentoring & Marketing emails

Tickets Over America

How MailSoar and Tickets over America were able to deliver emails to 8000 Athletics Directors in the US?

Gasiline Store

How MailSoar raise website frequentation thanks to LinkedIn and great emails' campaigns?

Santa Barbara Evolution Landscape

How MailSoar built a list of more than 3000 subscribers with an open rate superior at 60%?

Imperium Marketing

How MailSoar help marketing agencies fixed their spam issues and maintaining an open rate of over 60%?

Peekaboo School

How Peekaboo School of English used MailSoar to get through corporate email landing in spam and improve deliverability?


How MailSoar help a French company to grow their portfolio from 0 to over 100 artists and labels through email campaigns?